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Trans MMA Fighter Calls For Joe Rogan Show To Be Cancelled

Ryan Sidle

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Trans MMA Fighter Calls For Joe Rogan Show To Be Cancelled

Trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox has called for Joe Rogan's podcast to be cancelled, after the UFC commentator once again made transphobic comments.


Rogan, who Spotify paid a reported $100 million to in order to have his podcast exclusively, has a history with Fox on transphobia.

On his an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience on March 19th, with comedian Jim Breuer, the commentator claimed that 'idiots' could become 'amazing' by changing gender.

"There are people who really have these thoughts," the 53-year-old said, "The problem is, it becomes a protected subject, and then you get praised for transferring your gender - for changing your gender. And then it gets exciting for people to talk about, and then you get chastised for even discussing it in any weird way.

"People who were marginalized for being - like, generally dumb people, if they transfer over and become another gender, then they get praised.

"There are a lot of people who are idiots, but then they become trans, and now all of a sudden we think they're amazing."

Rogan on commentary for UFC. Image: PA Images
Rogan on commentary for UFC. Image: PA Images

Fox, who was the first openly transgender athlete in MMA, when she came out in 2013, has responded to the awful opinions of Rogan.

"Joe Rogan is being transphobic yet again. He has had more transphobic episodes than you can shake a stick at. Spotify needs to cancel his show already," the 45-year-old posted on Facebook.

It isn't the first time that Rogan and Fox have been linked due to the former's transphobic comments. Back in 2013, after she came out, the podcaster hit out against the fighter being given a license to fight, saying, "First of all, she's not really a she. She's a transgender, post-op person. The operation doesn't shave down your bone density. It doesn't change.

"You look at a man's hands and you look at a woman's hands and they're built different. They're just thicker, they're stronger, your wrists are thicker, your elbows are thicker, your joints are thicker. Just the mechanical function of punching, a man can do it much harder than a woman can, period."

Hitting back at the podcaster, Fox said, "Has anybody ever watched the movie 42? Remember when commentators said Jackie Robinson had an unfair advantage because black people had "larger heel bones" than the white men he was competing with?

"Are we repeating history yet again with bogus bone claims? Can we couple these bogus claims with Rogan's horrible language that was aimed at me from the video I put out last week?

"I'm a transgender woman. I deserve equal treatment and respect to other types of women. I feel that all of this is so ridiculously unnecessary and horribly mean spirited."

Rogan's transphobic comments have been complained about before with Vice reporting last year an all hand's meeting inside Spotify due to several staff feeling 'alienated' and and 'unwelcome' due to Rogan's transphobic content.

Featured Image Credit: Spotify/Instagram

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Ryan Sidle
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