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Serena Williams destroyed five men who tried to win a point against her

Serena Williams destroyed five men who tried to win a point against her

According to a YouGov poll, one in eight men believe that they could take a point against Serena Williams. She proved the men wrong.

Tennis legend Serena Williams humiliated five men at the same time as they collectively failed to score a single point against her.

A video surfaced online of the tennis superstar playing against men who simply cannot compete on the same level as her.

Williams served against one man first, who was left helpless in trying to return the serve.

After he lost the point, the man could be heard saying, “She put some spin on it and it was further out here than I was ready for.”

The 23-time Grand Slam winner then took on two men and scored another ace.

And a third man wasn't enough to stop the American as she fired another ace past them.

Williams continued to tear apart the men when she hit a powerful shot that connected with one bloke's leg and he subsequently crumpled to the floor in agony.

The men had better luck when there were five of them after successfully returning one of her serves.

But the former tennis world No 1 smashed the ball into the back of the same man who had been hit on the leg.

The men stood no chance against tennis legend Serena Williams.
Dude Perfect/YouTube

“I especially like how she is using like 20 per cent of her power to not make them all look like children,” one fan said.

Someone else commented: “Serena makes it look sooo easy!”

“Serena has some serious accuracy. Impressive,” a third added.

While a fourth posted: “Serena makes it look so easy that it’s almost not as exciting.”

Williams' complete demolition of the men followed on from a YouGov poll that had one in eight blokes thinking they could take a point against her.

Even outspoken TV presenter Piers Morgan was involved in a heated exchange with former Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid, saying that he'd bet "£1billion that Roger Federer would beat Serena Williams a 100 times out of a 100."

Featured Image Credit: Dude Perfect/YouTube

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