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Genie Bouchard's Super Bowl Date Story Is Going To Be Made Into A Film

Genie Bouchard's Super Bowl Date Story Is Going To Be Made Into A Film

Remember when Genie Bouchard gave single folks across the world a little bit of hope by agreeing to go on a date with a complete stranger who made a bet with her on Twitter about the Super Bowl?

Well, it's about to be made into a film, apparently.

Yup, a feature film all about her encounter with John Goehrke, who decided to tweet the tennis ace to make a little wager - 'if the Patriots win we go on a date?' - to which Bouchard replied 'sure'.


Fans of American football and/or Genie will, of course, remember that the Patriots did indeed win and, true to her word, she arranged a date with her presumably very chuffed suitor.

She opted to go to a basketball game with John, telling the Yes Network: "I'm in New York City for Sports Illustrated, and I thought, 'Why not make the date happen sooner rather than later? There's a Nets game tonight.'

"I think it would be a great date idea, probably less awkward than a one-on-one dinner since I didn't know John."


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Fair enough.

Sharing photos online, it looked as though the pair had a fine old time, so much so that they arranged to meet up again and again - prompting a lot of speculation that the pair might be dating, and John might be the jammiest fella ever.

Although it doesn't appear that the pair are a couple or likely to become one any time soon, it hasn't stopped Fox 2000 from picking up on the story for the film, according to Deadline.


In its report, the news outlet claims that Jonathan A. Abrams pitched the idea of the movie, which will be a romantic comedy based on the true story and reportedly has Genie on board as an executive producer.

The movie is set to focus on 'dating and love in the modern digital age, asking if a relationship born on social media can survive the glare of the public eye', according to the report.

Genie has retweeted posts about the story being turned into a film - sharing one from Deadline with the caption 'welcome to Hollywood' and a starry-eyed emoji.

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