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What happened when Usain Bolt raced regular people in 100m race

What happened when Usain Bolt raced regular people in 100m race

Usain Bolt took part in an 100m race against a number of regular people and the results were quite something.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive, took part in a 100m race against a group of regular people and the result went exactly as expected.

At the World Athletics Championships in 2009, Bolt produced a world-record time of 9.58 in the 100 metres.

The Jamaican recorded an incredible top speed of 27.8mph [44.72 km/h] and his time has never been beaten.

An average human would typically take around 15 seconds to run 100m and a few years back Bolt went up against a bunch of regulars as part of a skit with James Corden and Owen Wilson for the Late Late Show.

As well as Corden and Wilson, employees working on the programme took part in the race in the CBS car park.

There was a false start for actor Wilson before the gun sounded and the sprinters were off.

One of the competitors fell over when started and though some participants displayed solid speed, Bolt turned on the jets and won with absolute ease.

He was so far ahead of everyone else that he was able to put his arms out in celebration before jumping over the finish line.

The video of the hilarious experiment has 14 million views on YouTube after being posted eight years ago.

If the real-life demonstration wasn't enough, someone created a 3D simulation of Bolt going up against a human called Robert Smith, who get left in the dust by the eight-time Olympian.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

There was also a simulation against Paris Saint-Germain and France star Kylian Mbappe, one of the fastest players around.

The former Monaco man's top speed of 23.6mph was used by Bolt still overtook Mbappe early on to win.

However the most creative edition was pitting Bolt against a human and a cheetah, which boasts a frightening top speed of 75mph (120kmh) and finished the race just short of four seconds quicker than Bolt.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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