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Shocking moment lad’s iPhone explodes in gym after dropping weight on it

Shocking moment lad’s iPhone explodes in gym after dropping weight on it

What began as an innocuous incident quickly turned scary.

A man watched on as his iPhone EXPLODED after he dropped a weight on it in a gym.

The incident occurred in a gym in Scapoose, Oregon, USA back in January.

Personal trainer Kyle Counts was in the middle of a triceps exercise when his iPhone fell out of his pocket and onto the ground beside him.

Unfortunately for the American, he didn't spot the phone on the floor - and the 90lb dumbbell he was holding was dropped onto the phone, which was an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While there didn't appear to be much initial damage barring a heavily cracked screen, that quickly and terrifyingly changed.

Counts bent down and picked his phone up, before trying to assess the full scale of the damage.

But he then had to let go of the iPhone once plumes of smoke began to emerge from it.

You can see the moment the phone threatened to catch fire below.

The phone then began to spark, with Counts taking the quick decision to pick the phone up and carry it out of the gym.

He said (quotes via Newsflare): "First instinct was drop the phone, but when I saw it wasn't just smoking but started sparking, I grabbed it as fast as I could and ran outside through the emergency exit.

"The phone kept sparking so I tried to kick it with my foot into a puddle to submerge it, and hopefully put out the fire.

"It just boiled in the water for a bit before finally smouldering out."

The incident caused the entire gym to be evacuated - with Counts saying he had never seen anything like it despite dropping heavy items on his phone before.

It is claimed that the phone was brand new, causing even more devastation for the personal trainer.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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