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There's A Gaming Hotel In Taiwan And It's Everything Dreams Are Made Of

There's A Gaming Hotel In Taiwan And It's Everything Dreams Are Made Of

There's an old saying that says: "Couples who game together, stay together."

The phrase was penned way, way back, when it first appeared in The Bible, which is some foresight when you consider the first console didn't come along until centuries later.

A hotel in Taiwan has honoured that biblical passage, offering guests gaming rigs in their rooms for when they're on holiday.


The life-changing holiday experience, called i hotel, comes with two computers with i5-7400 processors, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti GPU.

There's DXRacer gaming chairs in every room, and of course they're side-by-side so you don't have to turn far to scream at your other half if they're fucking you over in co-op. Isn't love sweet?

You'll be paying around $100 (£73) a night for the room, Mashable reports, or an hourly fee if you're there to just game. There's a $12 (£8.85) an hour rate during weekends, to $75 (£55) for 15 hours.

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In the price though, there is also a 46" inch TV screen to watch eSports on, as well as a larger gaming arnea in the lobby where, if you fancy a break from your partner, you can game with strangers, or a group of friends. If you have any.

It can be found in the Taoyuan district, which is about an hour's train ride away from Taipei.

It's a luxury five star gaff, too, which means if you do fancy pulling yourself away from the computer screen, relaxing is easy.


Credit: i hotel

YouTuber, Joeman, took his camera around the hotel for a virtual tour, showing off all the features you get to experience during your stay.

Admittedly the video is in Chinese, meaning that it's useless to a lot of us, but there's something about a toilet filled with technology that can inspire interest in any language.

Because of where we are in the human race, Joeman loads up the intro of an adult film, just to see what it's like on the 4K screens. I mean, someone was going to do it, weren't they?

Featured Image Credit: iHotel

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