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'Big John' showed his support for the London Marathon runners by yelling 'Bosh' as they ran by

'Big John' showed his support for the London Marathon runners by yelling 'Bosh' as they ran by

As the runners passed him by, the TikTok sensation screamed out his iconic signature catchphrase to give them some extra motivation.

John Fisher, AKA 'Big John', has become somewhat of an overnight internet sensation.

From his signature 'Bosh' one-liner to his undying love of a Friday night Chinese takeaway, the man has become adored all across the world.

His hilarious videos on TikTok and Instagram have seen him rack up a huge cult following online, catapulting him into superstardom and allowing him to rub shoulders with some of the most famous people on the planet.

Big John is known in the sporting world – although not necessarily for his own exploits, unfortunately.

His son, Johnny Fisher, is a highly touted heavyweight boxer – one of Britain's top prospects with a bright future ahead of him.

But now Big John has decided to get involved in sport himself, surprising spectators by randomly showing up at the 2023 London Marathon.

Unfortunately, the loveable lad wasn't running the race himself, although he was on hand to provide support in the best way possible: by shouting 'BOSH' at the runners as they passed him by.

In a video posted to social media, the larger-than-life character can be seen standing on the side of the road yelling out his iconic 'Bosh' catchphrase to provide a bit of added motivation.

But while some runners didn't notice and just flew straight past him, others stopped to take a picture and even screamed right back.

It was all done to give the athletes that extra kick up the bum when they needed it most – and to be honest, it certainly would have worked on me.

Big John posted one clip to Instagram, captioning it: "What a day, boshsoldiers everywhere."

One of the runners in the video commented: "Not me flying past at the beginning! Shoutout to you John for keeping the energy high out there for us! #BOSH."

While another added: "I absolutely adore the BOSHES and that you say bosh back to every single person no matter what. You’ve actually invented a whole new language LOL."

As a third said: "Immaculate vibes here. BOSH!"

And on TikTok, he was getting even more love.

Replying to his son's video, one user wrote: "How many people would have felt re-energised from this. Nice touch."

As one commented: "Man of the people."

While another suggested: "Join the race John!"

It goes without saying, but most of the comments across social media were simply "bosh", of course.

The clips themselves have garnered thousands of views already with Big John's celebrity status growing by the day.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/theromfordbull/boshtokk

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