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Patrick Mahomes' brother infuriates fans by TikTok dancing during Super Bowl interview

Patrick Mahomes' brother infuriates fans by TikTok dancing during Super Bowl interview

His actions have left viewers raging.

Patrick Mahomes' brother has left fans raging once again thanks to another one of his infamous TikTok dances.

Jackson, who is the younger sibling of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick, was seen dancing in the background during the team's Super Bowl celebrations.

And the sheer cringe nature of the clip has given viewers some serious second-hand embarrassment.

There's a clip doing the rounds on social media of Patrick Mahomes conducting an interview after guiding his side to their Super Bowl LVII victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

But in the background of the trophy presentation, while Mahomes is answering some serious questions from the panel, his brother decided it'd be an appropriate time to break out a few dance moves.

Right in line with the camera, he pops up right behind his brother's shoulder.

It remains unknown whether he knew he'd be in shot fo the television broadcast – but you could probably hazard a guess that it was premeditated.

Someone off screen then tells the TikToker to move and he quickly scuttles away.

When Barstool Sports posted the clip to Twitter, fans instantly began piling in.

One person replied: "The whole reason I was rooting for the Eagles..."

While another tweeted: "Mahomes' brother is an absolute loser. Dude, quit riding 15’s tail. Get a life of your own."

As a third said: "Mahomes needs to ban his brother, wife, and father from all regular and postseason games forever."

Another added: "I wanted the Chiefs to lose just in hopes of seeing his brother cry on national TV."

And a fifth chimed in, saying: "I get having love for your brother, but don’t be such a tool in the process."

But not everyone was onboard with some people leaping to Jackson's defence.

One commented: "Y’all obsessed with hating an innocent dude because the internet tells you to."

While another replied: "You're all jealous that he will never have to work a day in his life and gets to travel the states 7 months out of the year."

Jackson, who has a big following on TikTok, has gone viral for a number of past incidents at football games.

Back in 2021, he was forced to issue a public apology for filming a TikTok video where he was dancing on a No.21 logo on Washington's field in honour of Sean Taylor.

Earlier that year, he was caught on camera pouring water on Ravens fans after the Chiefs lost in Baltimore.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@barstoolsports/TikTok/@jacksonmahomes

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