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NFL star becomes instant meme thanks to lime green suit

NFL star becomes instant meme thanks to lime green suit

The internet had a field day with Kyler Murray's outfit of choice.

NFL star Kyler Murray will want to forget this outfit.

The internet has had a field day after the Arizona Cardinals quarterback turned up at the University of Phoenix Stadium sporting a bright lime green suit. 

The star player, who just signed a $370 million contract extension for the NFL side, certainly could’ve used some of that sum to pay for a stylist.

Seriously who let him go out like that? 

Before the game had even kicked off between the Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles, Murray had already become the laughingstock of the NFL community.

NFL fans quickly turned the outfit into a meme, comparing him to the late Queen Elizabeth II and a bottle of Mountain Dew. 

One fan wrote: “Kyler Murray dressed like Hillary Clinton.”

Another said: “Kyler Murray showed up looking like a 12 oz can of Squirt.”

A third added: “Kyler Murray looks like he needs to speak to your manager immediately.”

And another pretty much summed up the whole sentiment.

They commented: “Kyler Murray with one of the worst pre-game fits I have ever seen.”

The suit must have surely been a bad omen because things only went from bad to worse for the 25-year-old.

With just under a minute left on the clock and the Cardinals trailing by three, Murray had the ball and was driving his team downfield on second and 10.

He had found a gaping hole in the Eagles' defence, however, came up short when he slid to the turf.

Although, it appeared he may have thought he had made it over 10 yards, because his next decision seemed like a complete blip in the brain.

Kyler then spiked the ball with 22 seconds left meaning the team could only attempt a game-tying field goal.

Lo and behold the Cardinals missed the field goal and lost the game.

Murray would’ve probably been hoping the ground would open up and eat him.

At least if he was wearing the lime-green suit he’d be able to blend into the field and hide away from the embarrassment.

Featured Image Credit: NFL/Twitter. Arizona Cardinals/Twitter.

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