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Antonio Brown trolls Tom Brady again by posting more pictures of his wife

Antonio Brown trolls Tom Brady again by posting more pictures of his wife

AB isn't stopping with his roasting of former teammate Tom Brady.

Antonio Brown has been bang out of order for his treatment of former teammate Tom Brady.

But the ex-NFL wide receiver isn't stopping with the trolling just yet, posting more pictures of Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen during their reported divorce.

Brown and Brady were once one of the NFL's deadliest duos – although they weren't together for very long.

But ever since Brown threw a temper tantrum and walked out on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their relationship has turned sour.

Now Brown, for whatever reason, has his sights set squarely on tearing Brady to the ground – and is using the legendary quarterback's very-public break-up as a means to do so.

Taking to his Snapchat story, AB posted an old picture of Tom and Gisele, but with Brown's head photoshopped over the top.

In the post, Brown can be seen grinning from ear to ear.

He released this savage image just moments before Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers were due to take on the Carolina Panthers.

But unfortunately, he wasn't done just there.

After the Buccs were beaten badly in Carolina, Brown took to social media again to taunt Brady once more.

This time, he posted a photoshopped image of that infamous temper tantrum which brought an end to AB's time in the NFL, except he plastered Brady's face over the top.

He captioned the photo, saying: "#Putthats**yOn."

This recent roasting comes just a few weeks after Brown posted an old photograph of him hugging Gisele following Tampa Bay's Super Bowl victory last year.

And with Brady going through a tough time away from football, it was clearly a below-the-belt shot.

For that, AB was widely condemned by the NFL community.

“AB’s a clown and he’s been a clown for the longest,” NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe said on his Undisputed show.

“He’s done in the NFL. Nobody’s gonna waste their time, and last night took the cake for me. I’m done… After he posted Tom Brady’s wife and said what he said. That man took your ass in. That man revived your career. Nobody was gonna give you a chance. And you take a shot at this man’s wife?”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Snapchat/Antonio Brown

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