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Antonio Brown trolls Tom Brady by posting picture with Gisele Bundchen amid divorce rumours

Antonio Brown trolls Tom Brady by posting picture with Gisele Bundchen amid divorce rumours

It's a low, low blow from AB.

Just when you thought it wasn't humanly possible, Antonio Brown has somehow managed to stoop to an all-time low.

The former NFL star has gone after none other than Tom Brady, trolling his former teammate by posting a picture of Brady's wife Gisele Bunchen hugging him.

It comes during a time where Brady and Gisele are reportedly going through a bad break-up and acquiring lawyers as a mega-money divorce looms.


Former international supermodel Gisele and Brady look set to part ways, but AB - for some strange reason - decided to rub salt into the wounds of his ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers colleague.

In the midst of swirling rumours about their relationship breaking down, Brown posted a picture of Gisele with her arms wrapped round him following the Buccs' Super Bowl victory.


His caption referenced his viral rap song, 'Put That S**t On'.

While there was no direct comment towards Brady, the timing of the post couldn't have come at a worse time as the legendary quarterback is going through a rough period in his life.

And to make matters worse, when the Buccs were initially interested in signing AB, Brady went out on a limb to ensure a deal got done.

It's understood he even let his new teammate stay in his family home during their time together in New England and Florida.

But when Brown stormed out on the Buccaneers last season, his relationship with Brady deteriorated and the former Pittsburgh Steelers star didn't hesitate to drag Brady's name through the mud whenever he got a chance.

Beefs aside, there's never an appropriate time to bring someone's family into the equation and Brown's latest comments have rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way – NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe being one of them.

“AB’s a clown and he’s been a clown for the longest,” Sharpe said on his Undisputed show.

“He’s done in the NFL. Nobody’s gonna waste their time, and last night took the cake for me. I’m done… After he posted Tom Brady’s wife and said what he said. That man took your ass in. That man revived your career. Nobody was gonna give you a chance. And you take a shot at this man’s wife?”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/TikTok/AntonioBrown

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