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'Fake Klay Thompson' Banned From Golden State Warriors Games For Life

'Fake Klay Thompson' Banned From Golden State Warriors Games For Life

The doppelganger allegedly strolled past five layers of security guards and shot around on the court for 10 minutes.

Klay Thompson's doppelgänger has been banned from Golden State Warriors home games for impersonating the basketball star.

Dawson Gurley, who is a carbon copy of Klay Thompson, was slapped with a life ban from Chase Center after he allegedly trespassed by convincing arena security that he was the three-time NBA champion.

"Banned because I walked past 5 layers of security guards (who willingly let me through security without asking for ID) and shot around on the court for 10 minutes," Gurley said via social media.


He also posted a letter from the Warriors' vice president of security.

"You deliberately deceived Chase Center building personnel by impersonating a GSW employee," the letter read.

"Your actions can also be deemed an act of criminal trespass and we reserve the right to pursue any criminal charges.

"Your conduct was in violation of of the rules of both the NBA and Chase Center, as well as a violation of laws of the City of San Francisco and the State of California."

The note added: "[We] hereby inform you that you are banned from attending any future NBA, WNBA, G League of 2K League games or any concert/event held at the Chase Center."

The impersonator, who boasts almost a million followers on Instagram alone, hasn't denied any wrongdoing.

On fact, he appears to be lapping it up.

After news broke of his life ban, Gurley tweeted: "Was it worth it to lose 10K on tickets and be banned for life? Absolutely. I was an NBA player for 10 minutes bro."

Popular social media channel House Of Highlights posted the footage of Gurley getting shots up before Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics.

Clearly pretending to be Klay Thompson, the lookalike can be seen donning the official Warriors gear while camera crews watch on.

In one clip, he can be seen draining a three-pointing in an empty arena, but eagle-eyed viewers weren't buying it.

NBA shooting coach lethalshooter commented: "When they saw that damn form they should of known this wasn’t KLAY!!!"

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time 'Fake Klay' has made headlines.

Back in 2018, he dressed identical to Klay Thompson and sat courtside during the 2018 NBA Finals.

But this latest prank, it seems, has landed him in hot water with authorities.

"I'm being contacted by a lot of news organisations to do interviews," he wrote.

"As of now I will not be doing any. Don't want to make this a bigger deal than it is, the Chase Center has every right to ban me. I get it. No hard feelings. Had fun doing it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/bigdawstv

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