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6-foot-9-inch Mahamadou Landoure's highlight reel is insane, he's only 13 years old

6-foot-9-inch Mahamadou Landoure's highlight reel is insane, he's only 13 years old

This kid has a big, big future.

Out there, somewhere, is a 13-year-old who is 6-foot-9-inches tall.

Yes, thirteen.

His name is Mahamadou Landoure and it turns out he's incredible basketball player.

Who would've thought?

The teenager is already being tipped as the NBA's next hottest prospect – and it's easy to see why.

Granted, the young lad absolutely towers over his opponents, but he's not just a big body.

No, this 13-year-old is far more than that.

For his age, Landoure boasts an incredible skill set at both ends of the court.

Offensively, he's a nightmare to stop.

And without the ball, well, good luck getting past him at the rim.

Plying his trade for Real Madrid, Landoure recently featured for the Spanish team in the Endesa Mini Cup at Under 14s level.

NBA fan favourite Luka Doncic once lit up the same tournament a few years back, and now it was Landoure's turn to do the same.

He finished with 56 points, 33 rebounds, and 5 blocks as Real Madrid won 84-74 over their rivals Barcelona.

The kid from Mali was crowned MVP, of course.

In the wake of his historic outing, Landoure's highlight reel from the game has emerged online – and it shows just how much of a beast he is.

From nasty blocks to monster slam dunks, he absolutely bullies the Barca players with relative ease.

When popular social media page Overtime posted the compilation to Twitter, fans went nuts for the 13-year-old wonder-kid.

One person replied: "33 rebounds. Yo WTF?!"

While another added: "Moves well and not a twig."

As a third said: "This is who the Los Angeles Lakers are saving that 2029 pick for."

And a fourth joked: "They’re gonna have to start raising the rim soon."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Overtime

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