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Video re-emerges of Paddy Pimblett absolutely slating Prime, the UFC will want it deleted

Video re-emerges of Paddy Pimblett absolutely slating Prime, the UFC will want it deleted

Wouldn’t expect Dana White to be too pleased with this video being out in the world after the recent deal.

Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration is growing by leaps and bounds, now being named the official sports drink of the UFC.

In just over a year since it was launched in January 2022, the drink has become one of the most in-demand beverages and brands on the market.

Prime became the official drink supplier for Premier League side Arsenal and has now jumped the pond to the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

However, there may be one UFC fighter who isn’t overly excited by the news.

UK’s own Paddy Pimblett may have one or two things to say about the deal - as he usually does.

A video has re-emerged of the Baddy absolutely slating the drink in the wake of the recent partnership announcement from the UFC.

The lightweight compares the internet stars’ drink to another brand by the name of ‘Body Fuel’ which looks oddly similar to the branding of Prime.

In the video, he poured an unmeasured amount of sugar into his hand to hammer home Prime contains two grams of sugar per bottle. Meanwhile, Body Fuel is advertised as having no sugar.

He advertises the drink as ‘better for your kiddies’, while comparing the calories and electrolytes in the drink.

Wouldn’t expect Dana White to be too pleased with that video being out in the world.

It would be hilarious to see Pimblett being associated with the drink after going to town in this video.

At the time, Paul saw that video online and was absolutely furious. He's accused 'The Baddy' of 'taking an L' by spreading misinformation about his business venture.

He said on the latest edition of IMPAULSIVE: "You are now associated with a cheap, copycat beverage brand, it looks almost identical to Prime.

"The formula that they use to make the drink is less calories, less sugar. I think that’s that sticking point, so he made a comparison video – here’s another L – that is identical to the comparison videos that I made.

"And he lied in the video, he poured out sugar at one part to show Prime’s two grams of sugar and he poured a f**k load of it.

"I could technically sue the f**k out of you for that misinformation and that’s a fact. You f***ing lied."

UFC fans found hilarity in the situation.

One wrote: “Dana is going to have to scrub this video from the internet lmao.”

Another said: “I find this hilarious. Paddy playing checkers while Logan & KSI were playing chess.”

A third added: “And now he will be a walking advertisement for them free of charge.”

Featured Image Credit: @LiamHealy16/Twitter. @LoganPaul/Twitter.

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