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Mike Tyson reveals the unusual reason why he could never have been a UFC fighter

Mike Tyson reveals the unusual reason why he could never have been a UFC fighter

Mike Tyson was asked how he would have fared as an MMA fighter.

Mike Tyson hilariously revealed the exact reason why he would never have been able to become a UFC fighter.

Tyson has once again made headlines this year as it was revealed that he would be facing Jake Paul in a boxing match later this year.

The announcement of the fight sent shockwaves through the combat sports community as the unprecedented bout was confirmed.

The event will be shown live on Netflix, with the streaming giant set to broadcast the event from the AT&T Stadium on July 20th.

Tyson enjoyed a legendary boxing career as he remains the youngest world heavyweight champion in history.

He won the WBC title aged just 20, beating Trevor Berbick in the second round to write his name in the boxing record books.

But how would his boxing skills translate to MMA and specifically in the UFC? Well, the former 'Baddest Man on the Planet' himself doesn't like his chances inside the famed Octagon.

And he revealed why.

Tyson said that he could never become a UFC fighter because he has the 'worst feet in the world'.

In an interview with GQ Sports, he was asked how he would have fared as an MMA fighter to which he replied: "I don't know what I would do in the UFC, because I watched the UFC a couple of times, and I watched these guys step on people's feet."

The 57-year-old added: "And I have the worst feet in the world, and if somebody stepped on my feet, I would totally tap out and just give up.

"It would be a no-brainer."

Tyson was a playable character on the video games UFC 2, UFC 3 and UFC 5 as he's often sat cageside with Dana White, who once joined the ex-boxer's podcast to discuss UFC GOATs.

Mike Tyson and Dana White- Getty
Mike Tyson and Dana White- Getty

Asked to name the greatest fighters in UFC history, White replied: "So hard to do because there have been so many great fighters... but you gotta start with Jon Jones.

"You got to have Amanda Nunes," he said, calling her the 'greatest female fighter of all time'.

The UFC CEO continued: "How do you not have Usman?

"If you look at the different generations of people who helped take the sport to another level," said White. "It’s hard to just pick five all-time great fighters. Matt Hughes would have to make the list... and then you look at all the different Brazilians that came up... the Pride era. It's hard to pick just five."

Featured Image Credit: Getty and GQ

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