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'He's definitely gotten bigger': Michael Chandler weighs in on claims Conor McGregor is 'on steroids'

'He's definitely gotten bigger': Michael Chandler weighs in on claims Conor McGregor is 'on steroids'

The Irishman has been at odds with USADA ahead of a potential matchup with Chandler.

Michael Chandler has weighed in on claims that his upcoming opponent Conor McGregor is ‘on steroids’.

The Irishman was at odds with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) after the organisation disputed claims McGregor had made.

The former two-division champion had claimed that all he needed was two clean tests to return to the UFC, however, the agency revealed he would need to be in the testing pool for six months before he could fight.

McGregor kicked off at the news believing USADA were trying to make it seem like he was ‘lying’ about his situation.

USADA’s revelation and the drastic change in The Notorious’ physique have led to some believing he could be on performance-enhancing drugs, according to The Sun.

His opposition coach on The Ultimate Fighter was asked about the ordeal on a recent Instagram Q&A, where he came out in defence of McGregor.

Chandler said: “f I tell you I’m not on steroids or if Conor tells you that he’s not on steroids, all you can do is either accept that as fact or be left up to your own scepticism and that’s no way to live."

Although, he did admit that the former featherweight champion had certainly packed on some muscle.

He continued: "My answer for did he pass the eye and smell test? He’s definitely gotten bigger and put on some muscle.

"Obviously when you break your leg and all you can do is lift upper body for the last year and a half, the dude is going to put on some muscle."

But again, Chandler refused to buy into the claims that McGregor would be ‘on steroids’.

The former Bellator champion added: "Not to mention the fact that dude doesn’t want to fight at featherweight or lightweight anymore.

"He wants to go up to welterweight so he’s gotten bigger.

"But yes, he passed the test because I would never accuse somebody unless I saw them stick a needle in their body or take a pill."

Chandler and McGregor are anticipated to clash in the future, however, the date of their bout is now up in the air.

If USADA stands firm on McGregor needing to re-enter the testing pool, it would mean that the fight won’t take place for at least six months.

That would be well after the season of TUF had aired.

McGregor could be granted an exception, although USADA seemingly confirmed that that won’t be happening.

The MMA star tweeted in response to the situation: “"I’ve not lied once. Nor have I tested positive. Ever.

"I have over 70 clean tests under this program, yet they are consistently coming out after I speak in a manner that makes it seem I am lying.

"It’s ridiculous. F*** USADA. You are in The Bin. Over 70 clean tests. Never violated once.

"I will not be scapegoated by this garbage organisation. You are not the be-all-end-all in this equation USADA."

Featured Image Credit: Px Images / Alamy. thenotoriousmma/Instagram.

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