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Conor McGregor says 'ridiculous habit' should be banned from the UFC in a series of deleted tweets

Conor McGregor says 'ridiculous habit' should be banned from the UFC in a series of deleted tweets

Conor McGregor tweeted it during last weekend's UFC event.

Conor McGregor believes a 'ridiculous habit' in the UFC should be BANNED in the UFC and argues for a point deduction.

McGregor is set to make his UFC return against Michael Chander, having not competed since his crushing defeat to Dustin Poirier to July 2021.

Ahead of his comeback, the 'Notorious' is keeping himself busy by watching UFC events, including last weekend's card from San Antonio, Texas.

A big bantamweight clash between Marlon Vera and Cody Sandhagen topped the bill, with McGregor taking exception from the actions of both fighters.

He didn't like Vera and Sandhagen's 'snot rockets' and them spitting inside the cage. After the fourth round of their main-event clash, both fighters blew their nose all over the canvas.

The Irishman was seemingly grossed out about Vera and Sandhagen's conduct and reckons it should be banned from the UFC while arguing for a point deduction.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 34-year-old wrote: "One gollier of a spit and two snot rockets each nostril just now from both fighters at the end of the 4th. It’s a ridiculous habit some people have. It should be abolished via threat of point deduction."

In another deleted tweet, he added: "There should be no spitting or snot rockets permitted in the Octagon whatsoever. Should be a point deduction."

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter


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Vera and Sandhagen aren't the only UFC fighters guilty of spitting and clearing their nose inside the cage.

In fairness to the fighters, they need to clear their nose and throat in order to breathe, but they do have a towel in their respective corners.

But it appears McGregor has seen enough and wants fighters to stop resorting to the unhygienic action during competition.

Should it be banned from the UFC? Let us know what you think.

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