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Donald Trump spotted at UFC 287 amid indictment charges

Donald Trump spotted at UFC 287 amid indictment charges

The former US president is not one to shy away from a public appearance even amid legal battles.

Donald Trump was spotted in attendance at UFC 287 despite his indictment charges.

The former United States president is in the midst of some legal troubles but that didn’t stop him from making a public appearance at the event.

He was a surprise guest of Dana White in Miami which is only about an hour away from his Mar-a-Lago Resort.

The pair have been friends since the early days of the UFC and so it’s no surprise why the MMA head honcho would have no problems having the controversial figure at the event.

And let’s be honest Trump isn’t known for laying low and avoiding controversy.

The crowd in Florida erupted when the 76-year-old was shown on screen, with the 45th president quite popular in the area.

Trump has been busy running his campaign for another go at the presidency of the United States.

He’s also been fighting off legal troubles following his recent arrest.

He pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, with charges centred around hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

But he had presumably had the time to enjoy some MMA action.

Cheers of ‘USA’ rang out across the arena when he was shown on screen.

Jorge Masvidal is a known Trump supporter and has advocated for the former president on multiple occasions.

So expect the former politician to be firmly in his corner when he takes on Gilbert Burns.

Featured Image Credit: UFC 287. @shaneyyricch/Twitter.

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