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32 Stone Heavyweight Took On 8 Stone Female Fighter In Ultimate MMA Mismatch

32 Stone Heavyweight Took On 8 Stone Female Fighter In Ultimate MMA Mismatch

Epic Fighting Championship pitted 32 stone heavyweight Grigory Chistyakov vs Aleksandra Stepakova.

A 32 stone heavyweight took on a 8 stone female fighter in the ultimate MMA mismatch.

The Russian promotion Epic Fighting Championship have developed a knack for putting on the most bizarre bouts imaginable and it seems as though they are striving to outdo themselves every time.

On their latest card, Grigory Chistyakov was pitted against strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova in a contest that had a 24 stone weight difference.

Unsurprisingly, Chistyakov tried to use their monumental power and seven-inch height advantage while Stepakova was all about displaying quickness with strikes to the face and body as well as leg kicks.

Image: Epic Fighting Championship
Image: Epic Fighting Championship

Stepakova got badly squished against the cage on more than one occasion, while there was also a shocking moment when fan appeared out of nowhere to get a cheap shot in.

The referee had to send the two fighters to their respective sides of the cage and then the action got back under way again.

Chistyakov regularly charged at Stepakova, who was sharp with her movement throughout.

The punches from Chistyakov got more slow and ineffective as the rounds went on and tiredness kicked in.

But while he could not secure a knockout or a stoppage or some sorts, the heavyweight picked up the win via the judges' scorecards and has his hand raised.

Handshakes were exchanged but while Chistyakov was giving a post-fight interview, the very same fan entered the cage for a second time and grabbed the microphone.

It would appear as though the two are preparing for a future encounter.

Elsewhere on the same card, there was a ridiculous two-on-one handicap match where a 75-year-old pensioner and his Tekashi 6x9ine-looking grandson faced a 28-year-old female fighter called Yulia Mishko.

The peculiar match-up lasted three rounds totalling nine minutes inside the cage and was rather controversially called a draw.

Featured Image Credit: Image: Epic Fighting Championship

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