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75-Year-Old Pensioner And 18-Year-Old Grandson Take On Female Fighter In Handicap MMA Bout

75-Year-Old Pensioner And 18-Year-Old Grandson Take On Female Fighter In Handicap MMA Bout

A 75-year-old pensioner and his 18-year-old grandson fought a female fighter in a two-on-one bout.

A 75-year-old man and his 18-year-old grandson took on a female fighter in quite possibly the most bizarre MMA bout in history.

The two-on-one handicap fight took place in the Epic Fighting Championship in Russia, pitting Vladimir Spartak and Big Igibob against Yulia Mishko, who is nicknamed 'The Tomboy'.

The peculiar match-up lasted three rounds totalling nine minutes inside the cage and was the first time Spartak and his grandson had fought.

With his tattoos and colourful hair, the youngster looked like a BTEC version of controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

But he didn't want to get stuck in all that much and spent large parts of the bout retreating while his grandad put in most of the work.

At one point the grandson slipped and fell to the canvas as he tried to scamper away from his opponent.

Image: PA
Image: PA

The pair did not use their extra person advantage whatsoever and both ended up being clocked badly and sent to the deck by Mishko, who even pummelled Igibob with a series of strikes in the ground and pound in the second round.

Truthfully the standard of fighting was appalling and not to be taken seriously. Something tells us none of the fighters will be getting a call from Dana White and the UFC anytime soon.

After it went the distance, the fight was rather controversially called a draw given the grandad and grandson duo barely offered any threat whatsoever.

Still, they stated their desire to continue fighting after the contest, which was on Epic Fighting Championship's latest card.

The promotion specialises in staging the most outlandish encounters.

Last month, they put on an intergender clash between pornstar Alexander Pistoletov​ and plus-size model Sasha Mamaha which a fan tried to prevent by storming into the cage.

A submission stoppage from Pistoletov was disputed and it went to a fourth round, which led to Mamaha picking up the victory by decision.

Featured Image Credit: Image: Epic Fighting Championship

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