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Caitlyn Jenner throws support behind trans golfer trying to make the women's PGA Tour

Caitlyn Jenner throws support behind trans golfer trying to make the women's PGA Tour

Jenner has decided to rally behind a trans athlete's push to compete among females, despite being very critical of Lia Thomas' inclusion.

Caitlyn Jenner has come out in support of a transgender golfer hoping to make the LPGA Tour.

Hailey Davidson has been attempting to get access to play in the women's PGA Tour, but has been unsuccessful in her fight so far.

Her desire to compete in the women's category of the tournament has been met with plenty of backlash, with sports fans - as they did in the case of trans swimmer Lia Thomas - claiming that her inclusion would be unfair on the other female competitors.

It's understood Davidson underwent gender reassignment surgery just last year.

But not everyone is onboard with her exclusion from the competition with former Olympic gold medallist Jenner leaping to Davidson's defence.

"I've been very consistent with how I've tried to approach this [topic of] transgender athletes. It really depends on the sport, every sport is different," Jenner told Fox News.

"Obviously with Lia Thomas, she had gone through male pubity with a bigger cardiovascular system. It just wasn't fair. Fortunately, we won that one.

"Now, we come to golf. Golf is a totally different game [than swimming]. It is a game of touch and feel.

"It is about your ability around the green to get the ball close, out of the bunker, to putt.

"She's playing within the rules. Let's see how this thing works out, it'll be interesting.

"I don't think she's in a position where she's going to be dominating on the LPGA Tour.

"To be honest with you, those girls on Tour are so good. I guarantee you, you top girls on Tour can probAbly beat 99.9 per cent of the men out there – they're that good."

Jenner's comments may come as a surprise to some given the fact that she was very critical of trans swimmer Lia Thomas who made headlines around the world when she shattered a number of female collegiate records in the pool.

72-year-old Jenner was one of the main people leading the calls for the NCAA to ban Thomas from competing.

Speaking to GB News, she said: “I’m a common-sense person. Obviously, in the case of Lia Thomas, it’s not working. She’s beating the women by two laps – only three years ago she was on the men’s team.

“I think, to be honest, with you they got to change the rules.

“We cannot have biological boys competing against women. It’s bad for the trans community.”

She added: “When you do transition and you do go through this, you have to take responsibility and you have to have integrity. I don’t know why she’s doing this.

“I respect her right 100 per cent to live her life authentically, but I don’t think she’s being responsible with this.

“We need to take a strong stance with something like this. There’s so few trans athletes and it’s affecting all of women’s sports and it’s just not fair.

“I feel like I’m on the right side. When you have this woke world that we’re living in right now, no matter what you do they’re going to come after you. I stand on my position when it comes to trans athletes.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/haileydgolf/Twitter/Fox News

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