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You Can Get Roberto Carlos To Play For Your Sunday League Team For £5

You Can Get Roberto Carlos To Play For Your Sunday League Team For £5

Your Sunday League team could have Roberto Carlos, the greatest left-back of all-time, playing for a one-off fixture.

In need of a new reinforcement for your Sunday League side after a bit of a Christmas hangover? Have no fear, as eBay are offering teams the incredible opportunity to have the one and only Roberto Carlos turn out for them.

The new 'Dream Transfer' campaign means football fans across the country can bid for Brazilian icon Carlos and England women's legend Eni Aluko.

£5 is the set transfer fee - with all the funds from bids going towards educational charity Football Beyond Borders and helping disadvantaged children.

Image: eBay
Image: eBay

When the transfer window slams shut, World Cup and Champions League winner Carlos, along with former Juventus and Chelsea ace Aluko, will then join one of the two winning teams for a special one-off fixture in the United Kingdom.

Literally anyone with links to a Sunday League team of some form is eligible to enter.

What's more, the big games in February will see the hugely popular Chris Kamara lend his dulcet tones for commentary - though we hope 'Kammy' pays more attention than he did on the infamous day at Fratton Park.

Bidding for the decorated pair is open now and will run until January 28 before the official announcement on the winners is made three days later on Deadline Day.

Image: eBay
Image: eBay

Commenting on his pending Sunday League debut, Carlos said: "I’ve been back in training for weeks to get match fit for the eBay Dream Transfer, and I’m a little nervous about my first game after a 6-year break!

"I can’t wait to meet the team I end up playing with though, and of course size up the team we’ll be playing against.”

Aluko, currently sporting director of Angel City FC, added: “I’m passionate about football being a game for everyone, which is why this opportunity means a lot to me. Dream Transfer means anybody can get involved in the Transfer Window and get stuck into the action. Let the drama unfold! I’m looking forward to playing with a new team - whoever and wherever they might be.”

Featured Image Credit: Image: eBay & PA

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