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Will Ferrell warns Aaron Ramsdale he's 'delivering a bag of sh*t to his door' ahead of England vs USA

Will Ferrell warns Aaron Ramsdale he's 'delivering a bag of sh*t to his door' ahead of England vs USA

The Anchorman and Elf actor had some words of warning for the England goalkeeper ahead of Friday's World Cup meeting.

Will Ferrell and Aaron Ramsdale have begun the most surprising rivalry in the World Cup, ahead of USA's game with England on Friday.

The two sides are set to meet in what is somewhat of a 'derby,' although not in the usual 'close proximity' definition of the term, in their second group games.

Gareth Southgate's side will be in an extremely commanding position in the group if they win, following their 6-2 win over Iran, in which Jude Bellingham shone.

The USMNT will be looking to bounce back, having drawn their opener against Wales, but only after Kellyn Acosta's extremely important late intervention.

Ahead of the game two of the most unlikely foes have started the back and forth that will only see things heat up before kick off.

England back up keeper Ramsdale and Anchorman actor Ferrell have thrown insults at each other, with the American threatening the Gunners' star.

“Hi Will, it’s Aaron Ramsdale,” the England international said in a message on Capital Radio.

"You’re a great actor and a hero of mine, I love watching your films.

"But, when we play your nation on Friday, you’ll be the worst actor in the world.

"Elf will be on the shelf and it will be a little less Anchorman and more w**ker man. Take care pal."

A shocked Ferrell hit back though, threatening him by saying, "Mr Aaron Ramsdale.

"Aaron, you don’t realise I know where you live, and I’m delivering a bag of sh*t to your doorstep.

"I’m going to light it on fire, and you’re going to have to stomp it out.

"All right, Aaron!"

Asked if the rest of the Three Lions should be worried, the 55-year-old added, "They’re not going to sleep at night.

Because they’re insomniacs."

And the Step Brothers star reckons that his country will come away with a win, "I think it's going to be a slaughter, he predicted, "USA three, England nil."

The man who twice played Ron Burgundy? *Dammit, who typed a question mark on the article?*, knows his football, and is a co-owner of MLS side LAFC.

He's previously been spotted doing a bit of refereeing for a kids game as well, so there's very few aspects of the sport he isn't in touch with.

Featured Image Credit: Capital/Alamy

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