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The Ultimate 'Gaming Bed' Exists And It's Perfect For FIFA 22 Sessions

Ewan Moore

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The Ultimate 'Gaming Bed' Exists And It's Perfect For FIFA 22 Sessions

If you ever needed proof that Japan is and always has been miles ahead of the rest of the world, look no further than the existence of this new "gaming bed". Bauhütte, purveyors of high-end gaming furniture, have assembled everything you'd need to create your very own one-stop shop for gaming, snacking, and napping. It sure is... something.

Plenty of similar products exist on the market already of course, but I think the crazy cats at Bauhütte have actually "perfected" the idea and come up with the ultimate version of the concept, which it describes - rather menacingly - as a "perpetual installation".


Take a look at it for yourself below, in all its decadent glory. With a bottle rack, bed, sidetable, lowered gaming desk, blankets, and headphone and controller hangars all assembled in the optimum fashion, what we're left with is what I can surely only describe as the ultimate gamer's paradise. For better or worse.

"I wake up and move from my bed to my desk," reads the accompanying post on Bauhütte's blog. "Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem. Elevated headboard that adds functional storage to the bedside and Bed desk that can be set at the foot of a single bed. As soon as you get up, you can watch a game or animation and realize a life cycle of falling asleep without difficulty."

If Bauhütte was really committed to making this gaming bed the pinnacle of its kind, it would have included some kind of bucket in which one can discreetly eliminate waste. Cowards, I say.

Image: Bauhutte
Image: Bauhutte

I honestly don't know if I'm impressed or horrified for what this could do to future generations. I mean, we've all seen Wall-E haven't we? With the critical distance between the bed and the gaming PC/the gaming PC and the fridge completely eliminated, I fear it won't be long until we're all reduced to blobsome messes that have long since abandoned the idea of leaving the house, showering, or using the toilet.

Image: Bauhutte
Image: Bauhutte

oo be clear, the gaming bed isn't one single product. Rather, it's a collection of Bauhütte items that the company has put together in a kind of... suggested order. Purchasing every item from the list would set you back roughly 113,250 Japanese Yen, which is equivalent to around £823. Not cheap then, but if you want the perfect gaming bed, this is the way to go.

On the other hand, you could just whack your PC at the end of your normal bed, and maybe stick a mini fridge nearby to achieve a similar result if you really wanted to. Personally, I'll stick with a standard desk/chair setup. I can't imagine what spending all day in a gaming bed would do to my back, but I don't think it'd be pretty.

Featured Image Credit: Image: Bauhütte

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Ewan Moore
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