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Speed genuinely thought Mark Goldbridge was Man Utd manager and met Cristiano Ronaldo

Speed genuinely thought Mark Goldbridge was Man Utd manager and met Cristiano Ronaldo

Speed captured the heart of the nation this past weekend.

Speed genuinely believed popular Manchester United fan Mark Goldbridge was one of the club's former managers. Check out a video of their meeting below:

On Saturday, Sidemen FC defeated YouTube Allstars 8-7 during the Sidemen charity match at The Valley.

Popular online personality Speed was part of the YouTube Allstars team and he stole the show.

The 17-year-old managed to snap KSI within 16 seconds, spent most of the game offside then had a goal disallowed. He also whipped referee Mark Clattenburg with his shirt following the offside decision.

Speed is a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and that naturally means he'll take an interest in United.

Goldbridge, who is a presenter for The United Stand YouTube channel, managed the YouTube Allstars and turned up suited and booted.

Niko Omilana decided to have a bit of fun at Speed's expense and convinced him Goldbridge spent some time in the Old Trafford dugout.

In the changing room prior to the game, Speed points at Goldbridge and remarks: "We need any tactics? Hit that man up right there."

Niko replies with: "You know who it is? You know he used to manage Manchester United?"

With his mouth wide open, Speed immediately looks at Goldbridge and shouts: "Really? Why didn’t you tell me that? That you used to manage United?"

Goldbridge has a smirk on his face at this point but manages to compose himself before claiming: "Very briefly. I won the treble. First time since 1999…"

The talkSPORT host was referring to one of his old FIFA Career Mode saves, rather than any real life involvement with United. We know that, you know that. Speed didn't.

He quickly realised that means Goldbridge might've known Ronaldo and he asks: "So you met Ronaldo?!"

Goldbridge couldn't let the joke go on any longer at this point and he says: "Digitally. Just telling him about the treble I won on FIFA last year."

Somehow that went over Speed's head and he's just as hyped as ever, declaring: "He used to be manager of Manchester United! That’s sick bro. He’s doing crazy bro!"

Everyone in the world is hoping Speed can one day meet his idol. The American now has 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube and his personality is extremely infectious. Don't ask him what he thinks of Lionel Messi though.

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Featured Image Credit: Mark Goldbridge/Twitter

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