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The time Sky Sports News got duped by a hilarious fake transfer story

The time Sky Sports News got duped by a hilarious fake transfer story

Never forget.

No matter how manic, and sometimes bizarre, transfer deadline day can get - nothing will come close to the time that Sky Sports News fell for a hilarious fake transfer story.

In a world where you can find streams for the most random of football matches in the most obscure places on earth and hundreds of articles on players to sign when the latest Football Manager and FIFA come out, it's easy to be complacent when it comes to players you've never heard of.

However, Sky Sports proved that if you come across the name of a player you're unfamiliar with it's probably best just to give him a quick 'Google'.

The company known for their extensive transfer deadline day coverage should have known better than to announce Aberdeen's signing whose name seemed rather suspicious.

Yer Da Sells Avon doesn't get more peak Scottish twitter.

But somehow Sky didn't manage to spot the joke and included the 'move' in their transfer blog before later realising their mistake.

We're really hoping that a fake transfer story on the same level as Yerdas Selzavon's big move to the Dons comes about at some point today.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Sky Sports News

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