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Sheikh Jassim 'willing' to bring back Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Man Utd

Sheikh Jassim 'willing' to bring back Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Man Utd

Solskjaer left United over 18 months ago but the prospective new owners could look to bring him back if he buys the club.

Former Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has opened up on a potential return to the club under Sheikh Jassim, with the prospective new owner 'willing' to bring him back.

The will they/won't they of the Glazer family's potential sale of United is getting more tedious than some of the later seasons of Friends.

I guess the main difference is that we still don't know who the Americans are going to end up with this time, with each report seemingly contradicting the next.

Much like the latter day complaints about Ross and Rachel's relationship you can't help but feel whoever gets the nod the fans will not be too happy with a few years down the line, instead wishing Matt Le Blanc had bought the club.

The club is currently not expected to be sold before the start of the Premier League season, even if the Glazers pick a preferred bidder soon.

Qatari Sheikh Jassim is the preferred option for some fans and Rio Ferdinand certainly seemed to feel the announcement that the Middle Eastern billionaire would be announced 'imminently.'

Whether or not that is true he certainly already plans as to what he will do should he take charge, including bringing back former legends to the club.

According to the Mirror, former United manager Solskjaer could be one of those with the Qatari 'willing' to welcome the Norwegian back.

Solskjaer was United manager between December 2018 and November 2021. (Image

Speaking about the potential of a new job at an event last month, the former Molde manager said: "I’ve got another job in me, if it’s the right chance and exciting enough.

"There are so many clubs, but I’m not going to work just for the sake of working. It has to be something special, a new culture, or a club that really excites me.

"Or maybe they will want me back at the club [United] in some capacity, who knows?"

There will be mixed reactions to the thought of bringing anyone back to the club in some sort of role, especially the 50-year-old former striker.

Whilst he did do some good things during his time at Old Trafford, by the time he left the team in November 2021 support was running out for his management.

On top of that some will think that Erik ten Hag's short spell so far has taken the club away from the constant doting for the past, only for club legends to be suddenly brought back in positions of influence.

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