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Sean Dyche reveals Burnley had 'spin the wheel' fine system for players, and the stories are hilarious

Josh Lawless

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Sean Dyche reveals Burnley had 'spin the wheel' fine system for players, and the stories are hilarious

Sean Dyche has revealed all about his fine wheel system introduced at Burnley.

The 51-year-old spent just under a decade in charge at Turf Moor and created a strong team spirit that led to Burnley's highest-ever league finish of seventh in 2017/18.

And a key part of the culture was a series of fines for minor discrepancies. The approach was one taken from rugby and pushed by the club's sports scientist Mark Howard.

The idea was to crack down on little things whereby players had displayed a lack of professionalism by leaving items around or turning up late.


List of fines at Chelsea and Aston Villa have gone viral in recent times but with lap dances on the agenda, Dyche's Burnley system was very much unique.


Players would spin a wheel and end up embarking on some of the most creative punishments in football.

"The big stuff would come to me but the little stuff so we brought in a fine wheel. Some would be money, some would be payback of money and other things," Dyche explained on the inaugural SPORTbible stories podcast.


"One of them would be spin again for someone's car to be valeted - if it comes out with your number he has to pay for your car to be valeted.

"One that was a good one - they would have to be dinner for you and a mate or your partner, whichever. Of course someone tops it don't they, they hit the big one - bottle of shampoo and all that. Before you know it they're screwed because the bill's coming in like four hundred quid.

"They have to pay it. That's just an example. There was a river by the training ground, we'd have to sit in the river for a minute.

"Lap dance - lap dance was hilarious. If you got a lap dance, you'd have to spin again and get the number for someone you'd do the lap dance for.


"[It was] genius. Hideous but genius."

The feeling with the fines was that it would bring about connectivity amongst the group and all players would be able to laugh at themselves and feel comfortable.

Some weren't fully onboard with it at first but it became an integral part of the environment and helped keep standards high.

"They are negotiable to the point you've got to do it," Dyche said when asked if everyone adhered to the punishments.


"The whole group are sitting there saying, 'No you've got to do it'.

"And it starts with a process. We say, 'Right lads this is an idea, what are your thoughts?' At first there you get resistors and all that but once they get involved with it they're buzzing.

"Some of them were properly dying - like singing in front of the group. You'd be surprised how you'd just see a grown man crushed singing in front of his mates.


"Some would be fined. Some would be fifty quid - never mad stuff - and some would be like you win two free spins, you spin for someone else to spin. You put some fun stuff in so you could actually win from it.

"One would be straight £350 for leaving a cup on the table. We were big on it. Why can't you just lift your plate and put it on a trolley? You're a human, right? They're just simple life things."

Thanks to Sean Dyche for taking part.

Watch the full video on LADbible's YouTube channel.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible TV

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Josh Lawless
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