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Wrexham chairman Ryan Reynolds shares unique name of fourth baby weeks after Blake Lively gives birth

Wrexham chairman Ryan Reynolds shares unique name of fourth baby weeks after Blake Lively gives birth

The Wrexham owner has taken inspiration from a very popular film, although it's surprisingly not one of his own. He may have been joking.

Wrexham FC co-owner Ryan Reynolds has revealed the rather unconventional name for his fourth child with Blake Lively, taking inspiration from a film.

If you'd told me when I started this job I'd one day be spending any time writing about Reynolds in the context of non-league football I'd have thought you were crazy.

Back then the American's only superhero roles were in Green Lantern and as a muted Wade Wilson in X-Men, yeah, he'd not even done Deadpool, never mind bought a Welsh football club!

Nowadays he turned Wrexham, along with business partner Rob Mcelhenney, into a celebrity hot-spot, with even Will Ferrell rocking up to a game recently, and enjoying a local pub ahead of kick-off.

Reynolds and Mcelhenney are set to take their involvement in the club to a very different level, when they actually represent them on the pitch, in an upcoming seven-a-side tournament.

But the Van Wilder star can't just focus on football, as he has a very busy life with his acting and his family, alongside wife and fellow actor Lively.

The pair have four young children, with the newest only recently joining them, and now the Wrexham owner has revealed the name of their latest bundle of joy, kind of.

According to the Mirror, during a the Just For Laughs London event, the 46-year-old said, "We actually called our daughter Cocaine Bear. We picked the name out before the film was released so we’re involved in a litigation battle now."

Lively and Reynolds at a Wrexham match. Image: Alamy
Lively and Reynolds at a Wrexham match. Image: Alamy

It would certainly be a rather different name to their newborn's siblings and, call us mad, but we have a sneaking feeling the Canadian was joking.

Then again, the idea of making a film about a bear on cocaine does sound like a joke initially and yet I am absolutely desperate to see it at some point, so who knows.

Lively recently trolled her husband over his love of his football team, when they came up against Sheffield United in an FA Cup classic.

The first game ended 2-2, with an extremely late equaliser for the Championship side, and Reynolds went through all the emotions.

After the game his wife posted a picture of his anguish along with the caption, "I bought ESPN+ today just to watch my husband experience crippling anxiety live. Worth it."

Now she'll be able to enjoy it all alongside James, Inez, Betty and Cocaine Bear...

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram

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