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Footage Of A Furious Roy Keane After Losing Pub Quiz Sums Up His Winning Mentality

Josh Lawless

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Footage Of A Furious Roy Keane After Losing Pub Quiz Sums Up His Winning Mentality

Featured Image Credit: Manchester United/Twitter

Roy Keane's winning mentality was not merely restricted to when he stepped out on a football pitch. 

The Irishman absolutely hated losing no matter what activity he was taking part in and that even stretched to pub quizzes, as the below footage shows.


Many years back, Manchester United's squad and staff were all sat around tables having a team bonding quiz and it looked like everyone was having a great time. Except Keane.

Desperate to win, a furious Keane was fully convinced that John, the quizmaster, was changing the questions and believed the whole quiz.

In old but gold footage that is doing the rounds again, Sir Alex Ferguson and his coaching team kept getting all the answers right and the former United skipper had enough.

"You've fixed it man, you know you have. Cheating," he said as he walked off.

Most of us expect Keane to be exactly the same as he was on the pitch and continues to be when doing punditry for Sky Sports but this hilarious clip just confirms it.

Image credit: Twitter/Manchester United
Image credit: Twitter/Manchester United

Another brilliant story that captures his bullish, no-nonsense persona was when he had an argument with a young Wayne Rooney after he changed the channel to watch X-Factor in the team hotel.

"I always remember my first away trip, having that argument with Roy Keane," Rooney said on Sky Sports in 2018.

"We were watching the rugby before we were playing Newcastle United away and he went to get some food, so I put the X Factor on and I hid the remote.

"He wasn't happy about it and we had an argument. But I think straightaway, he respected me more for standing up to him. He looked at me, and he respected me that day for being big enough to have a go back at him."

However, Keane's take on the tale is even better and naturally includes a lot more expletives.

He writes in his autobiography: "I said, 'Where's the rugby league?' I knew Wayne was up to something. I could tell by his face. I said, 'Where's the remote control?' He said, 'I don't know.' I said, 'You fuckin' do.'

"I didn't exactly storm out, but I couldn't be bothered trying to get the remote control back, so I decided I'd watch the rest of the match up in my room.

"I came down the next morning for the pre-match meal and, obviously, I'm very good at letting things go - and Wayne was brave enough to come up to me. 'Did you ever find the remote control, Roy?' I think I told him to go and fuck himself.

"It was the only disagreement I ever had with him. I think he later claimed in one of his books - he has a deal to write ten - that I sent a security man to his room to get the remote control, but that's bullshit."

Never change, Roy.

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Josh Lawless
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