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Robert Lewandowski reads out comments that Barça Women players receive daily in powerful message

Robert Lewandowski reads out comments that Barça Women players receive daily in powerful message

Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski has called for equality in a powerful video message to online trolls.

Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski has read out some of the comments that Barça Women players receive daily on their social media accounts for a powerful video on International Women's Day.

This week, the Catalan club highlighted its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion by organising a meeting between Lewandowski and María Leon, who plays for Barça Femení.

Both players sat down in front of the camera and reacted to a number of comments, including "get back in the kitchen" and "women's football is not real football."

Lewandowski reacted to the abuse, saying: "These comments are difficult to read and hear."

Lewandowski also used the example of his wife as a role model and someone he admires for the daily effort she puts in to achieve her dreams.

He goes on to speak about his daughters, who he personally encourages to fight for their dreams.

León, meanwhile, shared her reaction to the abuse. "We get these kind of messages every day," she says. "Just because we're women."

The 27-year-old defender added: "For all of us, we will continue to fight for our rights with a clear objective. So that all of the women who come after us can go even further than we have."

Leon also talks about her own experiences at school where nobody took her idea of becoming a professional footballer seriously because she was a girl.

She says getting to where you want to be is possible with bravery, character and strength.

Image credit: Barcelona/Twitter
Image credit: Barcelona/Twitter

Barcelona say they have created the video with one clear objective: that future generations can go even further in the battle to make their dream of becoming female footballers come true.

Here's how fans on social media reacted to the video.

One said: "Congratulations on women's day Barca women! Keep going! Ignore haters. They are from the stone age, and have a lot to learn," while another wrote: "More than a club. So proud to be a big fan of you."

A third added: "That's why Barça is the greatest club of all time."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@FCBarcelona

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