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Richard Keys bizarrely calls out Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards for joking with Kate Abdo about Thierry Henry 'friendship'

Richard Keys bizarrely calls out Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards for joking with Kate Abdo about Thierry Henry 'friendship'

Richard Keys compared their comments to the sexism scandal that saw him and Andy Gray sacked by Sky Sports in 2011.

Richard Keys has bizarrely shared a month-old clip of Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards joking with Kate Abdo, in an apparent attempt to compare their behaviour to the sexism scandal that saw him sacked by Sky Sports.

Keys and his broadcast partner Andy Gray were dismissed by Sky in 2011 after they were heard making a series of sexist comments off-air in leaked recordings.

The disgraced duo later moved to beIN SPORTS with Keys claiming he was "set-up" by Sky.

Keys has now caused more controversy by posting a clip of Sky Sports pundits Carragher and Richards joking with Abdo while working for American TV show CBS Sports last month.

In the clip, Richards and Carragher joke with Abdo over her friendship with pundit Thierry Henry.

After Abdo describes the Arsenal legend as "just a friend", Carragher and Richards burst out laughing with the latter responding: "What sort of friend?"

Keys posted the clip to his Twitter account, comparing Richards and Carragher's behaviour to his own scandal.

"Having found myself in a lot of bother - largely of my own making - I was really surprised to find that this sort of behaviour is apparently ok in a TV studio these days," tweeted Keys.

But rather than receive a sympathetic response from the public, Keys has been slammed by football fans.

"Not remotely similar. Sorry," replied one Twitter user.

Keys (right) and Gray were sacked by Sky Sports in 2011 (Image: Alamy)
Keys (right) and Gray were sacked by Sky Sports in 2011 (Image: Alamy)

Another added: "Richard, they're mates. What you're witnessing here could actually be described as "banter" whereas what you said could be described as sexist, hope that helps clear it up."

A third posted: "You truly haven’t learned from your mistakes."

While another wrote: "The fact you think this is the same is the really worrying part."

Earlier this month, BBC presenter Gabby Logan accused both Keys and Gray of sexist behaviour.

Logan accused the pair of joking about refusing to have sex with pregnant women in front of her as she was expecting twins in 2005.

Both men have denied her claims, with Keys responding in a blog post: "How sad that somebody I haven't seen for 30 years - and for whom I went out of my way to help start their career - feels the need to take the cheap and inaccurate option by smearing me – together with virtually everyone in the industry (including, it seems, the entire Sky business) – in her upcoming autobiography.

"Producers, directors, cameramen, sound technicians, statisticians - everyone it seems - has either belittled her or tried to block Gabby Logan's career. Except they didn't. In fact, I can't think of anyone who's had more of a leg up.

"Let me say this. I've dealt before with the incidents surrounding my resignation from Sky. I repeat - resignation. I was not dismissed. I've taken responsibility for my part in what happened. It's more than time to move on.

"They gave [Logan] the nickname 'Gabbler'. She always had an awful lot to say - not a lot of it very complimentary. If you don't mind, I find reading Logan's serialisation of smears very sad."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy & beIN SPORTS

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