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YouTuber Opens FIFA 20 Packs For 24 Hours Straight And Records His Findings

YouTuber Opens FIFA 20 Packs For 24 Hours Straight And Records His Findings

A YouTuber has spent a full day opening over 3,000 FIFA packs to find out who and what he would discover.

ChrisMD and his cousin Ollie spent over 500,000 FIFA points, which is equivalent to 25,305,000 coins, in a concept he described as a "very real challenge" on his channel that has 4.71 million subscribers.

So what did they find? After a grueling day in front of the PlayStation, the pair made a total of 11,312,807 in sales, with their most notable pack including Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who is worth 1.4 million on Xbox and 1.6 million on PS4.

Image: YouTube/ChrisMD
Image: YouTube/ChrisMD

They also packed 85-rated legend Pep Guardiola, 91-rated goalkeeper Jan Oblak and Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk, among other big names.

In total, Chris calculated that he lost 13,999,193 coins which he describes as "not that bad" considering previous luck.

"I know this sounds stupid," he said in the video. "But previously I've had 50,000,000 losses on pack openings. I actually don't think it's that bad this year. I think it's more reasonable this time around!"

He also calculated that he packed 40 walkout cards, 34 in forms, 1 icon, 8 ones to watch and 10 cups of tea.


On the topic of pack openings, a Reddit user decided to do some interesting research on the popular FIFA game mode Ultimate Team to determine what he'd find after spending €3800 on packs.

In a post that has since gone viral, TapeTen details how he opened 651 packs on FIFA 19 while cataloging every single item on his journey.

In total, the gamer pulled 9961 items, of which 6992 were player cards, and 4483 were rare gold cards,


But what did he conclude at the end of his research?

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In the 9961 items he packed, only 70 'in-form' cards (TOTW / TOTS) were pulled.

He goes on to state that the ones he did pull had little value, with a couple of notable exceptions. It may or may not come as a surprise to you reading this, but after spending €3800 on packs, Tape Ten packed a total of 0 icon cards. Zero.


In fact, the 'top 9' rare gold cards, rated between 91 and 94, were pulled exactly 0 times.

Image: EA SportsImage: EA Sports

He goes on to compare the distribution of pulled rare gold cards in terms of their rating and according to the man himself, it was evident that cards are not drawn "randomly" from the category "rare gold cards", but are skewed towards less valuable ones.

About 10% of rare gold cards in FUT are rated 85-89, and about 1% of rare gold cards are rated 90 or more, but only 1.6% and 0.02% of packed players were from these rating brackets, respectively, the post states.


If you have yet to read the full Reddit post, here's a LINK to the research, complete with a huge spreadsheet detailing what was found in every pack.

According to Tape Ten, he has published the above findings and views at GREF 2018, a conference for the European gambling regulators.

Thoughts on the above results?

Let us know in the comments.

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