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Man drops eBay clanger when he tries to buy Preston shirt for £1

Man drops eBay clanger when he tries to buy Preston shirt for £1

The man found an unusual name on the back of the shirt.

A man has shared the unfortunate rookie mistake he made when trying to buy a Preston North End shirt on eBay.

Turn up to any small-sided football game across the country and you're sure to see a wide range of club shirts.

There's a certain magic to seeing a tricky winger wearing a Bolton shirt going up against a bruising defender wearing a 'Lionel Messi 10' Barcelona strip.

Sometimes you get random shirts, although one 6-a-side player might be about the bag the weirdest of them all.

Rory Cocker took to Twitter to explain: "Needed a cheap white top for 6-a-side, so went on eBay. Found an old North End jersey, £1.00 starting bid, in my size. So without checking all the pictures, I bid on it in excitement."

It sounds like a bargain - just a quid for a perfectly serviceable football shirt in his size. However, what Rory forgot to do was to check what was printed on the back of the shirt.

To his initial horror, after placing a bid for the Preston 2009/10 home shirt, Rory checked the photos on the eBay listing and found that the shirt had 'Daddy, 29' printed on the back.

However, after being outbid, Rory's competitive nature kicked in. He launched a Twitter poll with two options, either he "takes the L" or becomes "Preston Daddy".

"I should be feeling a sense of relief but I actually feel like I've been challenged now," he said. "Somebody else will be daddy instead of me. Not sure I can allow it!"

After Rory's tweet went viral he set up a GoFundMe page with a target of £50, so that the internet could help him become the 'Preston Daddy'.

One fan suggested Rorry could use the name to his advantage next time he plays: "Easy goal celebration rocking your arms!"

Another fan said: "One of the very few tweets that has actually made me laugh out loud," while a third tweeted: "Found this a lot funnier than it is..."

"At least it's 29 and not 69," another joked, while another offered their support: "All the best Preston Daddy!"

Featured Image Credit: @CoryRocker (Twitter)

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