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VAR could be scrapped in the Premier League from next season after one top-flight club makes official demand

VAR could be scrapped in the Premier League from next season after one top-flight club makes official demand

A resolution has now been formally submitted to the Premier League by a named club.

The future of VAR in England's top flight is in the air after it emerged that Premier League clubs will hold a vote on a proposal to abolish the system from the start of next season.

It has been a busy campaign for the video assistant referee (VAR) following multiple contentious decisions, including Anthony Gordon's controversial winner against Arsenal in November.

Other controversial incidents include Jeremy Doku catching Alexis Mac Allister in the ribs with a high foot during March's clash between Liverpool and Manchester City, as well as Fulham getting two debatable penalties against Wolves.

As a result, there have been plenty of discussion around the future of VAR.

Now, a so-called 'resolution' has now been formally submitted to the Premier League by Wolverhampton Wanderers calling for the video assistant referee to be scrapped this summer.

That's according to a report from The Athletic, who claim Wolves' decision will 'trigger a vote' when representatives of the 20 clubs assemble for their yearly gathering on June 6.

A statement from Wolves confirmed the move came after "careful consideration and with the utmost respect for the Premier League, (referees body) PGMOL and our fellow competitors."

They added: “There is no blame to be placed – we are all just looking for the best possible outcome for football – and all stakeholders have been working hard to try and make the introduction of additional technology a success.

“However, after five seasons of VAR in the Premier League, it is time for a constructive and critical debate on its future.

“Our position is that the price we are paying for a small increase in accuracy is at odds with the spirit of our game, and as a result we should remove it from the 2024/25 season onwards.”

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

Wolves agree that the decision to introduce VAR was “made in good faith and with the best interests of football and the Premier League at its heart” but they also point out its pitfalls.

The club listed a host of repercussions in their argument:

  • Impact on goal celebrations and the spontaneous passion that makes football special
  • Frustration and confusion inside stadiums due to lengthy VAR checks and poor communication
  • A more hostile atmosphere with protests, booing of the Premier League anthem and chants against VAR
  • Overreach of VAR’s original purpose to correct clear and obvious mistakes, now overanalysing subjective decisions and compromising the game’s fluidity and integrity
  • Diminished accountability of on-field officials, due to the safety net of VAR, leading to an erosion of authority on the pitch
  • Continued errors despite VAR, with supporters unable to accept human error after multiple views and replays, damaging confidence in officiating standards
  • Disruption of the Premier League’s fast pace with lengthy VAR checks and more added time, causing matches to run excessively long
  • Constant discourse about VAR decisions often overshadowing the match itself, and tarnishing the reputation of the league
  • Erosion of trust and reputation, with VAR fuelling completely nonsensical allegations of corruption

It must be noted that any rule change needs a two-thirds majority [14 of 20 members] to pass.

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

A Premier League spokesperson has also commented on the story around VAR's future.

“The Premier League can confirm it will facilitate a discussion on VAR with our clubs at the annual general meeting next month.

“Clubs are entitled to put forward proposals at shareholders’ meetings and we acknowledge the concerns and issues around the use of VAR.

“However, the league fully supports the use of VAR and remains committed, alongside PGMOL, to make continued improvements to the system for the benefit of the game and fans.”

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