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Premier League star 'dumped by wife after being caught cheating on Ring doorbell'

Premier League star 'dumped by wife after being caught cheating on Ring doorbell'

The Premier League star’s marriage has reportedly ‘exploded’.

A Premier League player has reportedly been dumped by his wife after being caught cheating on a Ring doorbell.

It has been claimed that the married Premier League ace, who also plays international football as a regular squad player, started the affair approximately eight months ago.

The player reportedly spotted a glamorous model on social media and that was when the affair started to happen.

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As reported by The Daily Mirror, the mistress, who is nearly 10 years older than the player in question, decided to expose their secret after he refused to leave his wife.

When the player’s wife demanded proof, she was told to have a look at the Ring doorbell which was installed at the front door of their multi-million pound mansion.

A Ring doorbell is a smart camera device which allows homeowners to see and record anything that happens outside their homes.

That was when the fling was exposed and the marriage ‘exploded’.

A source told the publication: “The star spotted this girl on social media and took a shine, he started messaging her, inviting her out, the usual stuff. But it developed into an affair which lasted eight months.

“Eventually they had a blazing row because he made a load of promises he couldn’t keep. She contacted his wife who asked her for proof of their relationship because he immediately denied it.”


The source continued: “The mistress went back with some direct messages, but the real killer blow was when she told his wife to check out the Ring doorbell footage. That’s when it’s all exploded.

“When the fling came to light, the player was furious.”

It is believed that the mistress would regularly post pictures on social media from different corners of the world and has nearly 10,000 followers on her social media pages.

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