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Football fans have only just discovered an optical illusion in the Fulham badge

Football fans have only just discovered an optical illusion in the Fulham badge

One fan made a discovery about Fulham's badge and it was new to plenty of football supporters.

Football fans have only just discovered that an optical illusion in Fulham's badge.

Fulham have had a total of ten different crests since they were established back in 1879.

Their current emblem was introduced in 2001 following the Cottagers' promotion to the Premier League and featured on the shirt for some of the most fruitful periods.

But it seems as though not everyone has been aware of the details on the badge.

Over on thebuckethatsam podcast, one fan confessed to having no idea that the letters 'FFC' are written in red in the middle of the crest.

"I'll tell you what I realised this week, that the middle of the Fulham badge, there's FFC in the middle of it. I promise you, I've never put two and two together."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

His co-host was absolutely baffled that he did not clock it, but the video went viral on TikTok - where plenty of users admitted they too had genuinely never noticed.

One commented: "I was today years old when I figured that out."

Another admitted: "I just thought it was some weird rune letter."

A third said: "Omg I'm only just seeing it now."

A fourth weighed in: "Wait what, how can I not clock this."

Another user replied: "I never even noticed that."

A final fan added: "I've known since next week."

Fulham have competed in European competition with the above badge, winning the UEFA Intertoto cup in 2002 and then qualifying for the UEFA Cup as a result.

They also reached the Europa League final in a memorable run under Roy Hodgson in 2010 and had 13 consecutive seasons in the Premier League until relegation in 2014.

The west London outfit are currently 11th in the Premier League and will take on Liverpool Carabao Cup semi-finals after beating Merseyside neighbours Everton on penalties on Tuesday.

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