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Phil Foden's son Ronnie gets 1 million Instagram followers in 15 hours

Phil Foden's son Ronnie gets 1 million Instagram followers in 15 hours

El Wey has become an internet sensation and the son of Manchester City's Champions League winner now has his own account.

Phil Foden's son Ronnie Foden who is known as El Wey has now got his own Instagram account, after the Man City star delivered what the fans asked for.

Erling Haaland has to be careful as he's in danger of not being the most well liked son of a City player, thanks to the power of El Wey.

Whilst Haaland may have scored an absolute mountain of goals in his first season at the Etihad Stadium it's unlikely he's as popular in South America as the young Foden.

Ronnie started gaining popularity in the region and in Mexico in recent months, especially after the club's Champions League final victory.

The four year old's popularity has reached such an insane level that an image of the youngster was even spotted at the front of a classroom in a college.

Known as 'the dude,' young Foden's antics in the changing room during title celebrations have made him go viral on several occasions.

There's no way to put this delicately but he's also become a bit of a meme thanks to the size of his head, with fans believing it contains all the football knowledge.

Clearly his dad is aware of the extent that fans are enjoying his son and set up an Instagram account on Sunday, sharing it with the caption "You all got what use asked for," and just 15 hours and one post later he has 1 million followers.

Phil Foden's post on his Instagram story.

That many followers means that young Ronnie already has more supporters on social media than seven clubs in the Premier League.

Brentford, Bournemouth, Burnley, Fulham, Luton Town Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United all need to boost their social media presence to get ahead of El Wey.

You can see what kind of content you'll be expecting from Foden in the video below, as he thanked his new found fans by dancing on a table in a restaurant whilst on holiday.

Foden is following a lot of his dad's teammates and former colleagues at either the Etihad or for England, which includes Declan Rice.

City are hoping to add the midfielder to their squad this summer and fans are hopeful that the West Ham United midfielder's meeting with Yaya Toure was proof he likes the club.

Previously photos of the 24-year-old's house had caused enough excitement so if he starts interacting with El Wey on social media then we know Arsenal are in trouble.

To be totally honest with you all I've mainly been excited to write about mini Foden just so I could share the silly meme I made about him.

I don't have the skills to photoshop Ronnie into the place of Grogu.
I don't have the skills to photoshop Ronnie into the place of Grogu.

What we really can't wait for is some content between Jack Grealish and El Wey, considering how popular those two entities have become.

The City star's popularity also sky rocketed following the team's Treble celebrations as his drunk antics were amongst the most relatable things we've seen a footballer do in some time.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter

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