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Man Utd fan claims Paul Pogba in his prime was better than Yaya Toure, it's got everyone talking

Man Utd fan claims Paul Pogba in his prime was better than Yaya Toure, it's got everyone talking

This is a huge claim.

A Manchester United fan has claimed that Paul Pogba in his prime was better than Yaya Toure, and it has caused quite the stir on social media.

So, let's start with the stats, shall we?

Pogba managed 29 goals and 41 assists in 157 Premier League appearances since making the £89 million switch from Juventus to Old Trafford in 2016.

Admittedly, the Frenchman didn't have the smoothest of rides in England, with the weight of expectation overshadowing his performances in a United shirt.

Meanwhile, Toure registered 59 goals and 35 assists in 230 top-flight appearances for Manchester City, becoming a true icon of the Etihad.

However, one bold Red Devils fan has suggested it is no contest.

Replying to a tweet of Toure captioned "Most underrated midfielder of all time?", a popular United fan replied: No one can look me in the eye and tell me that Yaya Toure was a better midfielder than Pogba", sparking mass debate on social media.

Twitter was quick to pour scorn on the opinion, with one user writing: "No way you actually said that with a straight face"

Another added: "I’m not a city fan and even I could look you in the eye on this. Bias free."

A third wrote: "Bro at some point you honestly gotta feel shame."

A fourth replied: "Most laughable thing I’ve seen on the Internet this week."

One fan said: "Pogba fan here, but Yaya was simply on another level. Total player, no weaknesses."

Another tweeted: "Pogba having more potential (maybe) doesn’t make him better in any way. Yaya Toure was a complete animal. Ridiculous baller. It wasn’t just because he won trophies."

Someone else said: "Let’s keep it a buck we expected Pogba to produce what Yaya ACTUALLY produced."

However, there was the occasional fan defending Pogba, with one supporter stating: "Yaya can't walk in PP's shoes. He was never as good and never as talented. The stats prove it and the eye test proves it. Yaya never even broke the top 10 Ballon d'Or. Yaya was really good but not Pogba good. There are levels to this."

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