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Team GB Bigwigs Hope For Football Teams In Tokyo 2020

Team GB Bigwigs Hope For Football Teams In Tokyo 2020

Could it happen?

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

When Team GB rock up to the Olympics in Tokyo in four years time the fat cats at the head of British Olympics are hoping they'll be joined by football teams on both the men's and women's side. But is that likely to happen?

Four years ago in London Team GB were represented in the football as a one off because it was a home games. However the Scottish and Welsh FAs weren't exactly over the moon at their players being involved with Scotland banning their players.

Because of all the complications, which mostly seem self made with the FAs worrying that they might lose their seperate identities within FIFA despite being told by the organisation that they wouldn't, there was no continuation for Rio but Bill Sweeney, the British Olympic Association chief executive wants that to change for Tokyo:

"We are all desperately disappointed that there isn't a football team for Team GB, primarily the women's because they are so strong, had a great season leading up to this, but also on the men's side as well. We'll be having meetings when we get back to try and sort that out with the FA."

GB women would have easily qualified for Rio because of England's third place finish in the World Cup last year but they had to reject their place because of the other FAs. That place went up for grabs in a European tournament which Sweden won and they then went on to grab a silver medal, losing to Germany in the final.

The men's team would have more likely been made up of Welsh players after the disgraceful performance from England at the Euros, yes I know it wouldn't have been the same players, but when asked if he regretted a lack of a Team GB in Rio new England boss Sam Allardyce said, "I do personally, yes. I think it's a fantastic venue, once every four years and to turn it down is a great shame. When you see the delight on Justin Rose's face when he won the gold medal in golf it shows what it all means."

Do you think it could happen in Japan?

(Via The Times)

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