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Fans Are Complaining That FIFA 19 Is 'The Worst FIFA Of All Time'

Fans Are Complaining That FIFA 19 Is 'The Worst FIFA Of All Time'

"FIFA 19 is the worst Fifa ever made. It’s not even a debate."

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

The FIFA Community have rated FIFA 19 as a 'one star out of five' game on the official Microsoft Store, and that's just the beginning of this scathing attack on the release.

If you take a look at the site, 84% of fans gave the latest installment a one star rating in their review, despite a number of 'improvements' to the popular game.

In August last year, before the official release date, a number of exciting features were announced.

  • Long range: a game where goals scored from outside the penalty area count as two goals.
  • Survival: gamers lose one of their players after scoring a goal.
  • Headers & volleys: this mode was only briefly touched on, but it seems FIFA 19 will have its own take on the classic real-life game.
  • First to: allows the player to set a goal-target and the first player to reach that number wins the game.

But despite the amount of new features and game modes, including the eagerly anticipated timed finishing, many fans have criticised gameplay, among other things.

"Broken. FIFA 19 is f*cking broken. No patch could ever fix it." said one Twitter user. "They released an utterly awful incomplete game, and have been trying to fix it 20 times already. It's sh*t.

"Worst FIFA ever made. Passes are broken, rebounds are broken, gameplay is broken. Button delay is just HIDEOUS."

Many gamers have taken to social media to express their anger at the release. I mean, a quick scroll through FIFA 19's review page on the store demonstrates exactly those who bought the game are feeling.

But here's just a few of the comments made on Twitter:

An in-depth FIFA 19 review
An in-depth FIFA 19 review

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