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Fans Think They Have Found More Evidence Of Apparent Bernardo Silva 'Racism'

Fans Think They Have Found More Evidence Of Apparent Bernardo Silva 'Racism'

Fans have dug up an old video of Silva and Mendy.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Fans have unearthed an old video of Bernardo Silva appearing to aim an offensive dig at Manchester City teammate Benjamin Mendy.

Silva was the subject of intense scrutiny following his 'racist' Tweet about Mendy on Sunday, and fans have found more evidence of apparent racism after they dug up an old video.

In the clip, the Portuguese attacker claims Mendy is "naked" because the left-back is wearing a black t-shirt.

"Ben, why are you not wearing any clothes?" He says to the Frenchman who awkwardly laughs off the harmful jibe.

Social media users were left perplexed by Silva's comment to Mendy.

One Twitter user posted: "Whoa hold up. Wtf????"

A second Tweeted: "Wow that's actually awful smh."

A third added: "And that means he can come on big big twitter and post things that are clearly offensive to other people? You lot really need to educate yourselves if you can't see what's wrong with a tweet like that from a global football star."

While another read: "This is f*cked up and quite telling of how young and uninformed Mendy is."

Silva became embroiled in controversy after he shared a 'racist' picture online.

He swiftly deleted the post before posting a response to accusations of being offensive. "Can't even joke with a friend these days... You guys," he wrote on Twitter.

Silva could face an FA investigation. It's believed they're aware of the original post and are now deciding whether to take action against the 25-year-old.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Silva, meanwhile, scored a hat-trick in Manchester City's 8-0 victory over Watford on Saturday.

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