Harry Redknapp's Real Name Isn't Actually Harry Redknapp

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Harry Redknapp's Real Name Isn't Actually Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has been entertaining us on 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' with his incredible stories and one-liners but there's one big bit of information that the wheeler dealer is yet to disclose.

He isn't actually called Harry Redknapp. The former West Ham, Bournemouth, Southampton Portsmouth, Tottenham and QPR boss was born "Henry James Redknapp".

After all these years of him being in the game as one of English football's greatest characters, as a player and then a well-travelled manager, finding out that Harry isn't actually his first name is genuinely life-changing. I feel different already.


Granted, he's not exactly called Pablo, Miguel or Dimitri, which would be a bit mental, but it still came as a major surprise to me to learn that 'Arry,' is in fact called Henry.

I actually stumbled across this game-changer of a fact, which would make a cracking true or false question in a football quiz, because of a Quote Tweet for one of those weird Tweets that comprise of someone taking a selfie, with a caption along the lines of "Tell me something new".


Now I wasn't initially aware of this, but Harry is basically an alternative name for Henry, as Dick is for Richard, or Bill and William would be. A quick stumble on Wikipedia tells me that Harry was considered to be the "spoken form" of Henry back in the medieval times in England, with the majority of English Kings named Henry being known as Harry.

It also applies to Prince Harry, who was actually christened "Prince Henry of Wales" but is universally known as Harry. Though he's definitely not the greatest national treasure to have been born Henry but nicknamed Harry, as that obviously goes to the 'triffic' 71-year old.

It could well be that this is utter nonsense to you and you don't care in the slightest but I for one have had my mind well and truly bown..

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