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There's A Psychic Cat That Will Predict Every Game At The 2018 World Cup

There's A Psychic Cat That Will Predict Every Game At The 2018 World Cup

Would it really be a World Cup if a psychic animal wasn't involved?

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

Remember when Paul the Octopus was used to 'accurately' predict the 2010 World Cup and it was the greatest thing ever?

Well, the Russians have their very own psychic animal and we couldn't be any happier right now.

'Achilles' the Cat, who lives at the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, will be given two bowls of food to determine the winner of each game and he's already given his first prediction of the tournament.

Unsurprisingly, 'Achilles' has only gone and chosen the hosts Russia for Thursday's opening game of the competition.

Although we think he may be slightly biased in his choice, but who are we to judge the psychic one.

Here's a glorious clip of him choosing between a Russian flag and a Saudi Arabia flag earlier. Why are we already so invested in this wonderful creature?

As mentioned earlier, the cat will make predictions for every game at the World Cup, and will make his choices for his breakfast meal.

Anna Kondratyeva, who is his veterinarian, reckons that Achille's deafness makes him a better 'prognosticator' than other cats because "he's absolutely unbiased, he's deaf to any comments from the fans so he probably feels with his heart and a special cat sense."

"He will make his predictions the morning of the game. For breakfast, we'll put two identical bowls in front of him with cat food and a little flag of the countries playing." she said via Euro News.

All we know is, we will be following this cat's every move to see if it can actually predict matches in the coming weeks.

If it does, then we have a very special animal on our hands. PLEASE BE RIGHT EVERY TIME.

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