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Allan Saint Maximin took a group of kids to a toy shop and bought them everything they wanted

Allan Saint Maximin took a group of kids to a toy shop and bought them everything they wanted

What an incredible gesture by the Newcastle star.

Newcastle star Allan Saint Maximin made a group of kids’ dreams come true by taking them to a toy shop and buying them everything they wanted. 

Since joining the club back in 2019, he has become a fans’ favourite both on and off the pitch. 

On the field, his pace and skills dazzled the hearts of the St. James’ park faithful. Whilst his actions off the pitch have also drawn plenty of plaudits. 

Saint Maximin was recently at an event hosted by Helios Pantheon, a NFT collection. Whilst at the event, he invited a group of kids to a toy shop and vowed to buy them everything they wanted. 

The Frenchman wrote on Twitter: “This was my dream when I was a kid. To be able to buy all the toys I wanted in a store, unfortunately I didn’t have this chance, so I really wanted to give this opportunity to the kids that came at the Helios event.” 

In the video posted by Helios, Saint Maximin was seen posing for pictures with fans and signing autographs. In the toy shop, a group of jubilant kids were able to choose any toy they wanted. A special gesture by a special player. 

Fans were quick to show their appreciation towards the winger on social media. 

One fan said: "This man is an absolute god. Man of the people. Allan Saint-Maximin you absolute beautiful man. I’ve never seen so many kids and even parents as happy in my life. Take a bow ASM.” 

Another tweeted: “I’m not a Newcastle fan, but Saint-Maximin seems like one of the most likeable fellas in the world, this is just brilliant.”

A third fan added: “Great footballer and a very nice guy too, well done Allan that is a lovely thing to do.” 

This is not the first time Saint Maximin has showed his generous side, last month, he was filmed gifting a Rolex watch to a fan after Newcastle’s opening day victory against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. 

Back in December of 2021, Saint Maximin gave a watch that was reportedly worth £2,000 to a fan after his side’s win against Burnley

Saint Maximin is an integral part of Eddie Howe’s plans for Newcastle this season as they look to push on from their promising start to the 22/23 campaign.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Helios Pantheon

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