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Allan Saint-Maximin Charged By FA For Wearing Designer Headbands During Games

Allan Saint-Maximin Charged By FA For Wearing Designer Headbands During Games

The Newcastle United star was recently seen donning an expensive black and gold Louis Vuitton headband against Leicester.

Newcastle United star Allan Saint-Maximin has been charged by the Football Association (FA) for allegedly breaking kit regulations during Premier League games.

Since joining the Magpies, the winger has become renowned for donning designer headbands during matches, but it seems the sport's governing body are now clamping down.

His most recent breach of the strict rules comes in relation to a black and gold Louis Vuitton headband he wore during the Easter Sunday clash with Leicester as well as the game against Wolves a week prior.


The FA released a statement, saying: "Allan Saint-Maximin has been charged with two breaches of The FA's Kit and Advertising Regulations, contrary to FA Regulation B.2.

"It is alleged that the Newcastle United midfielder wore a headband with an established mark or logo of a clothing manufacturer during two Premier League fixtures against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester City on 8 April 2022 and 17 April 2022 respectively.

"He has until 19 May 2022 to provide a response."


Players are, in fact, allowed to wear headbands during matches although they cannot have any external branding.

However, this isn't the first time Saint-Maximin has landed himself in hot water with authorities over his garments.

When he first moved to the Toon back in 2019, the Frenchman busted out an expensive Gucci headband for his first few games and fans seemed to love it.

The FA swiftly intervened, though, forcing him the cover up the designer branding for the following fixtures.


But it seems the rapid forward isn't too fussed by fines, with his Newcastle teammate Jonjo Shelvey revealing that Saint-Maximin used to get fined every single day for wearing earrings at the club's training ground.

"He's a lunatic. He's class, man, some player. He's some guy as well," Shelvey told the Beautiful Game podcast back in 2020.

"He's just one of them who's so laid back. Head to toe in designer gear.

"He gets fined every day because he's got earrings in and stuff like that but if he weren't that good, you'd probably have the hump with him but when he's that good, you don't really want to have a go at him."

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