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Fans think Southampton should've sacked Nathan Jones straight after his bizarre post-match interview

Fans think Southampton should've sacked Nathan Jones straight after his bizarre post-match interview

It turned out to be Nathan Jones' final interview as Southampton manager.

Nathan Jones' last interview as Southampton manager has got fans online talking, with many claiming he is one of 'most bizarre' managers in recent Premier League history.

Jones has been relieved of his managerial duties at Southampton, who lost 2-1 at home to Wolves on Saturday, leaving the club bottom of the table.

The 49-year-old, who rose to prominence following his two stints at Luton Town, lost nine of the 14 matches he oversaw in all competitions following his appointment last November.

The defeat to 10-men Wolves was the final straw as the Saints parted company with the Welshman on Sunday.

But people on social media believe he should have been sacked straight after his post-match interview as he made an outlandish claim.

Jones blamed the man advantage, saying it was 'detrimental' to his now-former side in what turned out to be his final interview as Southampton boss.

"To me the 10 men was to our detriment because it made it a free hit for them in terms of stuff," he said.

"It added more pressure on us and it shouldn’t be like that - we should then control the game.

"We had a second chance and didn’t take it and it seemed to galvanise them, we had a lot of territory, a lot of balls around their box without showing the quality that we needed to win a Premier League game and then they got a bit fortunate, showed one bit of quality and they’ve won the game."

Jones continued: "We were everything that we wanted to be. That was a side that I’ve prepared this week and really nailed a lot of things down.

"It’s just we have to show a little bit more quality, a little bit of killer instinct, we had 17 shots, only two on target and that tells a story because we should have won the game today."

Needless to say, Jones' comments following Southampton's defeat to Wolves sent social media into overdrive.

One Twitter user wrote: "Don’t think there’s ever been a more bizarre manager in the history of the premier league."

A second tweeted: "He had to get fired for this interview alone lmao. A man blamed the other team having 10 men to the reason his lost smh."

A third added: "One of the most bizarre top-flight managers in recent memory. Lost the fans immediately, throws his own squad under the bus, made an average squad look worse, incredibly unhelpful to the players with the way he speaks to the media."

A fourth said: "I'm sure they listened to this and decided to sack him."

Another commented: "I'd have sacked him straight after this interview. "

Southampton have 15 points on the board, having won just four games this season. Will they survive relegation? Let us know what you think.

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