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Fans have figured out the hidden meaning behind Lionel Messi's new celebrations at Inter Miami

Fans have figured out the hidden meaning behind Lionel Messi's new celebrations at Inter Miami

Messi has been particularly inventive during his celebrations.

Fans have finally figured out the hidden meaning behind Lionel Messi's goal celebrations at Inter Miami and it makes so much sense.

Messi has enjoyed an explosive start to life in the United States, scoring five goals in his opening three matches as the Florida based side hunt the MLS trophy.

However, it's not just his goals that have got people talking. The World Cup winner's celebrations have sparked debate on social media, with fans left confused as to what they meant.

On his full debut on July 25, Messi scored two and assisted a third in a 4-1 win over Atalanta United and one of his celebrations left supporters confused.

The seven time Ballon d'Or winner stood motionless and raised his outstretched arm towards the sidelines, opening his hand. You can watch the footage below.

Supporters were left baffled by the move, with some believing it was in referencing the internet meme 'hold my beer', while others compared it to Star Wars' Darth Vader.

Fortunately, Messi's wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, cleared up confusion on Instagram, clarifying that the celebration was imitating Marvel superhero Thor.

The following week, Messi plundered another two goals against Orlando City in the Round of 32.

After finding the net for the first time, Messi crossed his arms on his chest, paying tribute to Black Panther's Wakanda Forever sign.

It is the second time the little magician has used a Marvel reference in his celebrations, leading fans to question whether there is a more commercial benefit to it.

MLS, alongside Adidas, confirmed a partnership with Marvel earlier this summer which features three separate releases.

The league first unveiled an Avengers-inspired ball that was used in the MLS All-Star game against Arsenal in mid-July.

Explaining the partnership back in June, a statement from the MLS read: “Major League Soccer and adidas’ Marvel collaboration captures the unique spirit, confident attitude, and diverse environment that embodies the sport of soccer."

With that in mind, could Messi be merely fulfilling contractual obligations with his new goal celebrations? Or perhaps Messi is just a big Marvel fan. Either way, plenty of fans around the world would argue he is a superhero himself.

Featured Image Credit: Getty

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