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"Go to hell..." - UEFA president makes European Super League claim that will anger Man Utd and Liverpool fans

"Go to hell..." - UEFA president makes European Super League claim that will anger Man Utd and Liverpool fans

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has made claims about Liverpool and Man Utd.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has made a claim about original plans for the European Super League that will anger those connected with Liverpool and Manchester United.

Original plans for the Super League were put forward in April 2021, much to the shock and anger of much of the footballing world.

A total of 12 teams were due to participate in its inaugural season, including six English clubs - Liverpool, United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

However, following a huge amount of backlash, Chelsea announced their withdrawal from the competition. The other English clubs quickly followed suit, along with Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid.

There are still plans to launch a Super League, with Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid the only clubs yet to give up hope on the project.

The competition's chief executive, Bernd Reichart, announced in February that there were plans for a 60-team tournament with no permanent members and a minimum of 14 matches per season for each team.

Those plans were predictably hit by further backlash and anger, with La Liga describing the project as 'selfish, elitist and greed driven' in an official statement.

Now, UEFA president Ceferin has revealed further detail of behind-the-scenes conversations surrounding the chaos of the first European Super League proposal.

Ceferin on Super League

Speaking on The Overlap (via The Times), Ceferin claimed that both Liverpool and United were 'very much part' of the initial proposals, with United co-owner Joel Glazer and Liverpool chairman John W Henry even named as vice-chairmen of the project.

Ceferin also added that City and Chelsea were uncertain about joining.

He explained: "Two clubs were hesitating in England very much, they said, 'We want to stay friends with you, we will be friends with you from within'.

"I had a phone call from one of the English clubs, I will not say which. I lost it a bit and said, 'You go to hell, from tomorrow you are my enemies I don't want to speak to you any more'. It was tough."

Furthermore, the UEFA president believes the Super League cannot exist without English clubs, with the latest plans for the competition having excluded Premier League sides.

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