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Man Utd star Diogo Dalot admits he was 'not happy' with Man Utd initiation choice in hilarious interview

Man Utd star Diogo Dalot admits he was 'not happy' with Man Utd initiation choice in hilarious interview

Diogo Dalot has admitted he wasn't happy with one choice during his early days at the club.

Manchester United defender Diogo Dalot has admitted he was 'not happy' with a key decision made during his time at the club - his initiation song.

When a player signs for a new club, it is usually tradition for them to partake in some sort of initiation in front of the rest of the squad - normally involving them picking their favourite song (or one they know the lyrics to).

Dalot was no different, with his singing skills put to the test when he joined United from Porto in the summer of 2018.

His compatriot and manager, Jose Mourinho, described the youngster as "the best full-back in Europe in his age group", and although there have been ups and downs during his time at Old Trafford, Dalot is now a regular starter under Erik ten Hag.

However, one experience that he does not remember too fondly is his initiation, and in particular, his own choice of song.

Dalot admits Man Utd regret

Speaking on the official Manchester United podcast, Dalot revealed that he picked Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' to perform in front of the squad - because he knew the lyrics.

But when praised for the decision by one of the podcast co-hosts, the Portuguese star replied that it wasn't a good decision at all.

He explained: "No, it's not [nice]. To be honest, I look back and I don't feel very happy. I could choose a better song. It was 'Shape of You' just because I knew the lyrics.

"Actually, there was a funny story. We went to a meal together and we were playing bowling. And I lost, so the loser had to sing. [I thought], I cannot choose a song now that I'm going to regret in one year. So let me choose a proper song.

"I chose 'Freed from Desire'. Everybody starts singing with me, I got everyone jumping around. I feel proud of that moment, and I don't feel from when I first signed that the music was the best choice."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy / Manchester United

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